Most Valuable Member - October/November

Happy birthday, BJ Tallywhacker!

And congratulations on winning our Most Valuable Member award for October and November.

BJ is a longtime official for Grand Raggidy and our Volunteer Coordinator. She wrangles our network of helpers to cover everything from penalty trackers to merch maidens. It’s a tough job, but she never lets a staffing snafu get her down!

She began her derby journey in September of 2006. While attending an outdoor symphony, a GRRD skater, Dotmatrix, handed BJ a flyer. That was enough to spark her interest - she signed up to volunteer even before seeing a single jam! BJ Tallywhacker held a scorekeeping position for GRRD for seven years - in the last three years, she has branched out doing many other jobs, equaling ten years of derby! 
Skaters home and visiting know her face on their way in the door to sign in. She always stamps hands with a smile. BJ also regularly works as the Penalty Box Manager, using two stopwatches to time incoming skaters while coordinating with the other two box timers. She’s got some real skills as an official!

Thank you for all you do, BJ! You are a Most Valuable Member!