Skaters & Staff

Ever picture yourself lining up on the track before the whistle, waiting to hip-check your opponent? Or sprinting up to the back of the pack proudly displaying the jammer star, plotting your course through the sea of blockers? Well, this could be you! All are welcome to join...potential skaters (female identifying), referees, and non-skating officials of any gender, 18 and up — but space is limited so register early!


Not Shown, but loved:

Sgt. Pepper Spray, Non Skating Official

Lady Loveless, Non Skating Official

Hockey Cam, Non Skating Official

Sunshine, Non Skating Official

Moriar Tea, Non Skating Official

Pat Ellis, Ticket Booth

Jen, Merch Maiden

Jim Kalsbeek, Track Crew

Scott Elder, Track Crew

Rue DeDay, Track Crew

Sean of the Dead, Track Crew

Tony, Sound Technician

Juicy GoGo, Announcer

Steve DeVries, Announcer