November Most Valuable Member

This month’s MVM feature is brought to you by a former skater, the one and only, Mona Vaydid.

Where should we even start with this month's MVM?! Selena Goremez, AKA- Gore, is hands down the one person in the league that I am willing to bet on whom everyone can agree they enjoy being around. Her personality shines on and o+ the track and her sense of humoris one to put a smile on anyone's face, even SugarPants. It's to no surprise to see her voted to receive this award upon her exiting the league, because quite frankly-she is very much going to be missed by Grand Raggidy. Taking the big leap of faith and moving her life down to Austin, Texas, we will not be shocked to see her shine bright throughout the league she joins there. Risk taking with her derby wife on an adventure of a lifetime, Goremez will be able to continue skating with a league that those back in Michigan hope she hates so much that she'll return home, because as Beyoncé would say, she's very much so, "irreplaceable". Her involvement in the street team was de3nitely well suited for this socialite, and as a self-proclaimed, "professional friend maker", her presence is one that any league is grateful to have. But don't let this charm fool you, she is an absolute BEAST on the track and when blasting through the pack, she is able to knock you down hard and immediately come up with some sort of joke to make sure you know she isn't always business. This month's MVM is my personal favorite and one I'm so excited to be on this crazy journey with in the Lone Star State where everything is indeed bigger, everyone's favorite good time friend, one that any league is lucky to have around, my Backstreet Boy loving wife, the one and only, Selena Goremez. ♥