October Most Valuable Member

With her ginger hair, booming voice, and giant bear hugs, October’s Most Valuable Member is easily one of Grand Raggidy Roller Derby’s most recognizable skaters both on and off of the track. Whether it is helping to run practice, being a fearsome blocker, maintaining contacts with other leagues, or sharing her expertise with newer skaters, her dedication to the sport and to the league overflows into everything that she does with the Grand Raggidy. In fact, Trashy is so well recognized within the league, that this is her second win of this most prestigious award.

Trashy TwoLips is known for much more than just her congenial demeanor though. While primarily a blocker with Grand Raggidy’s All Star team, she counts her proudest roller derby moment as jamming against Milwaukee’s Brew City Bruiser All Star team and ending the jam with zero points scored for the other team. She cites the challenge of the game as one of her favorite parts about roller derby. “No matter how good you are,” she says, “you can always improve.” Trashy certainly takes that to heart with all of the enthusiasm she puts into not only her own improvement, but also in helping other skatersbuild their own skills.

While in her personal life Trashy recently expanded her own family, she keeps a very special place for the roller derby community in her heart. She states that she wishes more people knew what a wonderful and diverse community it. “It’s really a world wide family,” she states. The care that Trashy puts into nurturing both her personal family and her roller derby family is evident in the time and care that she puts into every interaction that she has. Grand Raggidy is certainly thankful for everything that you do and for being part of our family.