March Most Valuable Member

She attends games, “hangover” bouts, and our volunteer functions: it’s Soul Collector! One of our many photographers, she is also a friend of the league and lover of derby. She began setting the shutter speed for action as early as high school, going on to be a pro-hockey photographer for 27 years! She then heard the siren’s song of derby, where she’s been shooting for a decade - since the very beginning. She’s had her work published in newspapers, Sports Illustrated, The Hockey News, and many more media. We are so lucky to have her at every game, posting her work on Facebook for all to see. It’s always fun to get a glimpse of what we look like on the other side of a lens - the chills, thrills, and spills of every jam.

Also a renaissance fair regular, her name derives from “the black magic box that steals your soul”, as the magical device - which we know as a “camera” - is called. To us, her camera doesn’t steal our souls, though… it shows the world our passion, athletics, and even those goofy moments, giving us many happy memories to smile on. We are happy to name Soul Collector March’s MVM for all of her efforts to keep derby and GRRD rolling merrily along.

You can see her many derby shots on her Facebook photography page, DeFord Designs. Always check in a few days after a game to see the great action all over again.