January Most Valuable Member

General DamageHer got her name from her staff, who know her as their general manager. She leads the charge in the local hotel industry, bringing awards to her Springhill Suites and working with the hotel association, as well as the Convention and Visitors Bureau, to keep Grand Rapids thriving as the great destination it is!

Her biggest accomplishment in derby, she says, is returning to play after her second pregnancy and a broken wrist. These are not small obstacles, but she’s never given up - even sitting on the bench to cheer, broken bones and all! DamageHer is also a dedicated mom and wife, honing the balance between all the commitments of derby and work with being a good role model to her two children, Teagan and Aspen. She says biggest derby inspiration is not necessarily Bonnie Thunders or Scald Eagle, but derby moms everywhere!

Her teammates call her a great teacher, motivator, supporter, ass-kicker, and athlete, always striving to better her skills on wheels. DamageHer also wears many important hats in GRRD! She is Attack! team representative, working with coaches and captains on game day to ensure everything’s in order; is in charge of organizing team jerseys; works with the GRRD board of directors to make and maintain vital connections in the community; and in the past, has held the league job of social media outreach… and we hear she is an awesome “beer lady”.

Of course, not to be ignored: she’s a formidable blocker and leader in the pack!

We’d like to welcome General DamageHer to our All-Stars team, where we’re sure she’ll kick butt and reach her goals for wellness and growth. Congratulations! You’re definitely a Most Valuable Member and we thank you for everything you’ve done these past three years. Here’s to many more!