New Holland Golden Boot Award 2015

Below is what I have written so far about Garden Ho. Can you both take a look? Snakespit I saw you volunteer for a different thing to proof read so I thought I would ask. Ho is always the proof reader so I cannot ask her about this one. Thanks

Every season one skater from Grand Raggidy Roller Derby is rewarded with The New Holland Golden Boot Award. This award is presented to the skater who receives the most fan votes throughout the entire season. In addition to receiving the traveling Golden Boot trophy, our newly elected winner receives a party in her honor at The New Holland Brewing Company. The 2015 Golden Boot Award recipient is #88 Garden Ho!

Garden Ho has been with Grand Raggidy Roller Derby just shy of seven years. In this time she has worked hard both on and off the track to make sure Grand Raggidy Roller Derby is one of the best leagues around. On the track, she is known for her fierce blocking and stellar take downs. Off the track, she assists the league as Co-treasurer, writing blog copy, and ticket guru. Below is a little more info from your fan favorite when asked a few questions.

Besides basset hounds and sarcasm what else do you enjoy?

I enjoy taking really long road trips with my boyfriend. The past two summers, we have driven out to Montana and Oregon. There are things you see on the road that you miss if you just hop on a plane. I like to cook and bake. Sharing my recipes with friends is fun too. Having long breakfast dates with my gal pals. We drink a bunch of coffee and catch up. It's cathartic. Dancing and singing with my sister.

How did you feel win you won the boot award?

I was skating around the outside of the track with my teammate, Rue DeDaye when she looked over and said "Oh, it’s you!"

I was surprised and very happy. It is so fun to skate and have all the fans cheer for you when your name is announced, so winning the boot was that feeling times a thousand. I have secretly wanted to win it for years and just hoped that my actions would get me the votes some day!

What do you love most about the sport of Roller Derby?

With roller derby, there is so much to keep track of because you are essentially playing offense and defense at the same time. There is so much going on out there on the track, it is a blast when what you are trying to do really works! Like that damn play we've been practicing for months and to see it happen! That is awesome! I have always enjoyed team sports and a lot of that has to do with the great group of gals that I get to call my teammates. When I moved to Michigan, I was looking for something sporty to do and then I found derby. I love the competition. I love hitting people and hearing the crowd react. I love seeing our new skaters progress and grow. I love yelling all the time and cheering on my team. I love it all. Well, I don't love the endurance drills so much but I'm working on that. Also, I like winning games with my friends and all the high fives! High fives for days!

Do you have a favorite skater that you think should be honored with the 2016 Golden Boot Award? Just stop by the Bomb Squad booth at any of our home games to cast your ballot.